Most operations in composting and biomass have contamination from incoming material. This contamination must be removed from the end of the screening process. Komptech machines are the solution to any separation problem. Depending on the contaminants, Komptech has three separation machines.


The Hurrikan’s primary function is to effectively remove film plastic from the overs material. It does this at a 98% efficiency, and will also remove rocks and metal at a lower efficiency rate.


This led to the development of the Stonefex. The Stonefex’s primary function is to remove stone and rocks from compost and biomass at a 98% efficiency rate, and will remove light plastic at a lower rate. Out of Komptech’s commitment to efficiency, the Hurrifex was built to handle both contaminants at the most efficient rate. The Hurrifex combines a stone separator and a windsifter in a single machine.


Each separation machine is built with Hybrid technology and is compatible with most mobile screening units. With proven technology, the Komptech line of separation machines helps create a higher quality end product, efficiently and effectively.