Komptech VIP Factory Tour 2023

July 15–20, 2023
Germany, Austria, Slovenia | Europe

You are invited on a special journey through Germany, Austria and Slovenia to explore the latest innovations from Komptech. This VIP excursion will provide a first-hand look at Komptech’s cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and guided tours of waste processing facilities using Komptech technologies. Local transportation, lodging and dining in Europe are included, with breathtaking views of the European countryside and delicious regional fare and libations each evening.


Komptech GmbH

Founded in 1992, Komptech GmbH is the leading technology and expert partner for mechanical and biological waste recycling and treatment of woody biomass. The company has a product range of over 50 different types of machines and more than 4,000 customers in over 80 countries worldwide. Komptech GmbH has factories in several European locations, including Austria, Germany, and Slovenia, where machines and machine parts are fabricated and assembled.

Facility Highlights:

  • Manufacturing and assembly of Komptech waste solution products
  • Production of OEM parts and state-of-the-art warehouse
  • Future products, like the Lacero high-speed shredder, and European market-only products, like Metalfex and Flowerdisc

Knettenbrech + Gurdulic

Founded in 2001 as a one-person operation, Knettenbrech + Gurdulic has grown to over 2,000 employees in more than 30 locations, providing waste management services across Germany. The company offers recycling, disposal, cleaning, sorting, forwarding, and logistics of waste.

Facility Highlights:

  • Processing of wood waste, construction and demolition (C&D) scrap waste, municipal solid waste (MSW) and bulky waste
  • Multistar ONE Star Screen: This energy-efficient and electrically driven machine features a small, semi-mobile footprint. Produce precise, 2-fraction separations and automatically return the overs fractions directly into a shredder for further processing.
  • Crambo Direct Stationary: A low-maintenance electric motor provides the drive power in the stationary version; a mechanical drive train offers top economy while retaining all product benefits like overloading protection, reversibility, adaptation to the material and more.
  • Terminator Direct Stationary: Powered by an electric motor, this stationary, low-speed, high-torque single-shaft shredder can tackle anything and everything into desired particle sizes.
  • Terminator XTron: The newly developed V-shredding unit provides an improved hydraulic drive delivering up to 40% more torque. At the same time, the larger outside drum diameter prevents wrapping that would otherwise interrupt shredding. Available in North America in late 2023!
  • Metalfex: This mobile machine removes non-ferrous metals using an eddy current separator with an eccentric pole system, discharging the metals and the cleaned fraction by two folding conveyors to the left and right of the machine. Only available in European markets.

Holding Graz

Since 1960, Holding Graz has been the most significant municipal service provider in southern Austria. The Graz Waste Management department is responsible for collecting, disposing, and treating a variety of municipal solid waste (MSW) through innovative processes and paths.

Facility Highlights:

  • Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and transfer station for MSW
  • Flowerdisc: A more advanced separation technology suitable for pre-screening and pre-shredding commercial, bulky, and organic waste. Material is transported by shafts with rugged steel discs, while movable jacketed pipes positioned between the discs prevent seizures and blockages. Only available in European markets.
  • Terminator Direct Stationary: Powered by an electric motor, this stationary, low-speed, high-torque single-shaft shredder can tackle anything and everything into desired particle sizes.

Müllex Graz

Founded in 1980, Müllex Graz has over 40 years of experience collecting, treating, and recycling all types of waste. The company uses the latest technology and processes to limit the amount of waste and garbage to a minimum and to forward it to the proper recycling channels, like compost and refuse-derived fuel (RDF), reducing landfill waste to a minimum.

Facility Highlights:

  • Processing of C&D waste, bulky waste, and MSW processing for RDF
  • Terminator Stationary: In the stationary plant solution version of the Terminator, a low-maintenance electric motor provides the drive power. A hydraulic system with load-dependent speed control ensures power transmission to the drum.


  • Saturday, July 15: Arrive in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Sunday, July 16: Personal day to adjust to the time change and explore beautiful Frankfurt
  • Monday, July 17: Tour Knettenbrech + Gurdulic Factory I & II (Frankfurt, Germany); Travel to Graz, Austria
  • Tuesday, July 18: Tour Komptech Factory I & II (Ljutomer, Slovenia); Tour Komptech GmbH (Frohnleiten, Austria)
  • Wednesday, July 19: Tour Holding Graz (Graz, Austria); Tour Müllex Graz (Graz, Austria); Travel to Vienna, Austria
  • Thursday, July 20:Depart from Vienna, Austria


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