C&D Waste Recycling

3 Ways to Make C&D Processing More Profitable

When it comes to C&D waste recycling, having the right technology in the right place can help significantly boost profitability for facilities. Komptech Americas has developed three proven C&D processing technologies to help you increase production efficiency, decrease labor costs, improve the quality of your end products and divert more materials from the landfill.


Construction and demolition waste (C&D) generally enters recycling facilities as truckloads of bulky materials ranging from coarse chunks of concrete, metal and scrap wood to mixtures of appliances, mattresses and plastic film. The first step in smarter C&D recycling is to downsize incoming material so downstream separation is easier. Pre-shredding prior to separation reduces the size of these materials down to a 3′ minus fraction, enabling less pre-sorting on the front end and creating more efficient handling of materials downstream, while eliminating the creation of additional fines.

The Komptech Terminator is a low-speed, high-torque, single-shaft waste shredder built to cut and tear tough C&D waste, allowing the shredded material to pass through the shaft area and on to further downstream separation. The Terminator features a robust, auto-reversing shaft to prevent blockages and redistribute materials to self-clean the drum. In the event of an undesirable piece of material getting into the shredding chamber, the Terminator has overload protection which automatically shuts the machine off to prevent machine damage.


  1. Gain efficient downstream sorting and separating by pre-shredding C&D waste to size
  2. Maximize treatment productivity by providing a consistent waste stream flow
  3. Save time and money with consistent equipment uptime and reliable operation


The next step is separating 2D, 3D and fines materials for processing. A ballistic separator like the Komptech Ballistor is perfectly suited for this step in the process. With the Ballistor, the 2D fraction is separated from fines as it passes across the screen elements and is carried upward. The 3D fraction rolls backwards by ballistic movement and is removed. Variable hole sizes of screen elements further separate out fine fractions This separation process reduces the burden depth of materials to be sorted downstream.

The Komptech Ballistor features a drive system that uses an electric motor, crankshaft, and elastic connecting link delivering long service life. Automatic lubrication options combined with electronic monitoring make the Ballistor dependable even under heavy-duty C&D waste processing. The sturdy housing simplifies installation, gives better access to the screen elements, and reduces operating costs by making it easy to replace the wear elements.


  1. Efficiently separate 2D, 3D, and fine fractions in one efficient process
  2. Reduce fines and small impurities from entering downstream equipment
  3. Reduce burden depth on belts for increased sorting efficiency and recovery rates


In most C&D recycling facilities, getting rid of or finding homes for fines created in the sorting process can be quite frustrating. Fines typically make up ~30 percent of the material. This can be financially burdening if you don’t have a solid strategy for dealing with them. The Plexus Air Magnet can be the right medicine to the headache that fines create. It quickly and affordably removes light density material from the aggregate which has commodity value in most markets.

The Plexus Air Magnet enables up to 99% recycling of construction and demolition waste as raw material for road building and the concrete industry, among others. The Air Magnet is developed for the separation of wood and low-density materials from the +3/4 inch/-60 inch material. Lightweight waste materials are sucked against a heavy, stainless steel chain belt and discharged off the side.


  1. Easy to put into an existing line with little to no downtime
  2. Eliminate the need for manual sorters to capture contaminants
  3. Easily cleans up aggregate, eliminating landfill costs and trucking costs


C&D industry expert Will Hancock has over 12 years of experience consulting and advising on proper technology to help make C&D recycling more efficient and profitable for facilities. Fill out the form below to request a personalized evaluation of your facility.