Streamline your commercial mulch production process by eliminating the need for double grinding all materials

It's So Nice Not Grinding Twice

Screen to the finished mulch consistency you need after the first grind

What is Mulch?

Mulch is typically wood material that is spread over the soil as a covering layer. Mulch helps improve moisture retention in the soil below, reduces weeds and invasive plants, and provides a finished aesthetic to landscaped areas.

What Materials Can Be Processed?

Uncontaminated and untreated wood waste, pallets, trees,  brush, and stumps can all be converted into commercial landscape mulch.

Why Recycle Wood Waste Into Mulch?

Quality landscape mulch is a high-demand product across most of North America. Commercial mulch production reduces the amount of wood waste that would otherwise be burned or sent to a landfill. This not only creates revenue for commercial mulch producers but also saves on trucking costs, landfill tipping fees, and potential negative impacts on the environment.

What is Komptech’s Solution?

Producing clean, quality mulch commercially requires a process of sizing, separating, and removing contaminants. Our screening and separation equipment screen up to 80% of your finished mulch product without a second grind, saving fuel costs, excessive wear costs on your grinder, colorant costs, and trucking costs.