Food Waste


Convert residential or commercial organic food waste into a profitable compost product with proven process solutions

Clean Up Your Organics

If there’s trash in your compost, your compost is trash.

What is Food Waste?

In the recycling industry, food waste is generally considered residual spoiled food or food products that are contaminated, often by packaging or commingled items that contain glass or plastic.

What Materials Can Be Processed?

Fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry scraps, eggs and their cartons, food-contaminated paper products, expired food, and spoiled food can all be processed into compost.

Why Recycle Food Waste Into Compost?

Quality compost is a product that has high demand and can be profitable to produce. Materials sent to a landfill have significant disposal costs associated. Many European countries have taken legislative measures to eliminate food waste from being sent to landfills, and the U.S. is beginning to follow suit. Soon, your state or province may require you to divert all food waste from landfills.

What is Komptech’s Solution?

The presence of glass, plastic or other contaminants is devastating to a healthy batch of compost. Producing clean, quality compost from food waste requires a process of sizing, separating, and removing contaminants. Our shredding, turning, screening, and separation equipment enables you to create a process to minimize compost contamination, improve compost quality and drive profitability while avoiding costly diversion of food waste to landfills.