Welcome to Connect!

Connect! is an innovative equipment condition-monitoring and communications technology that enables remote, touchless monitoring of Komptech machines. Constant equipment condition monitoring and analysis of sensor data in real time makes it possible for need-based maintenance, faster response and increased equipment uptime. This is another way Komptech Americas is making it easier for you to do business with us.

Connect! – Increase Safety and Efficiency

Ensuring your team’s safety is a critical component to your operation. Remote monitoring of your Komptech equipment enables you to administer and optimize machine performance safely from your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Connect! decreases the need for on-site interactions with operators and service technicians, allowing your team to adhere to social distancing safety standards.

As a technology leader in the waste recycling industry, Komptech has designed the Connect! system specifically for our machines and the working conditions of our users. With continuous monitoring and sensor data analysis, some in real time, Connect! creates a reliable and fast-reacting information system for your equipment that promotes safety and machine efficiency.

Connect! Increases Safety and Efficiency

How the CONNECT! System Works

Connect! – How It Works

The Connect! hardware module is integrated in your Komptech machine and connected to the central control unit. The module reports events and diagnosis codes, as well as data on operating hours, fuel consumption, idle time etc., by mobile radio (GPS data query by satellite) to a central data server.

The web based Connect! software application provides machine data to users, dealers, Komptech Americas and the manufacturer. User administration controls exactly which information and assessments are made available to which user groups. Connect! can be used on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Connect! is equipped on new models of the following Komptech machines:

Contact your local Komptech Americas dealer to find out if your current Komptech machine is available to be upgraded to use the Connect! system.

Connect! – The Benefits

Connect! doesn’t just deliver machine data, it also connects customers, dealers and our Komptech Americas team. With the Connect! system, our support team can remotely check in on your machines, enabling us to be proactive vs. reactive with your valuable assets, while reducing on-site technician visits. Faster, coordinated repairs increase uptime while also helping schedule technical service. The machine can be precisely located at any time, a key factor in rental use. The data also makes it easier to detect when working conditions are challenging for the machine and so remedial action can be taken to help extend service life.

Benefits of the Connect! system include:
  • Improved efficiency with insights into operating conditions, consumption, idle times, etc.
  • Fast support from the manufacturer and service partner
  • Knowledge of exact machine location
  • Storage of historical data for evidence, evaluations, etc.
  • Reduction in service call costs through easier and faster troubleshooting
  • Reduction in service partner costs through direct access to the machine data
  • Optimization for maintenance planning
  • Proactive support for spare parts management

Benefits of th CONNECT! condition monitoring system