Our machinery and systems are designed, engineered, and built to efficiently treat and process solid waste and organics materials for recycling

Industrial Shredders

Power and Flexibility

Minimize downtime and wear costs while maximizing throughput with high-torque, low-speed industrial shredders designed to handle your most difficult materials.

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Compost Turning

Mix the Perfect Windrow

Our compost windrow turners are built to help you achieve better aeration, faster composting times, higher yields and a more homogeneous finished product.

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Screen to the Right Size

Whether you need to ensure smooth downstream process flow or quality end product, we offer flexible material screening machines to help you achieve the right fraction size.

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Fewer Contaminants, Faster

When processing waste, unwanted contaminated material is unavoidable. Having the right waste material separation equipment is key to efficiently remove any contaminants left over after the screening process such as plastics, rocks, stones, and more.

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