Customer Story: Metro Site, Inc.

Georgia C&D Waste Recycler Succeeds With Separation

Recycling C&D waste is tough. For Scott Ledford, owner of Metro Site, Inc. in Commerce, GA, finding the right equipment technology to help divert C&D from area landfills became a primary focus.


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Common C&D Recycling Issues

  • Inefficient Production From Manual Separation: For some C&D roll-off dumpster companies and recycling facilities, sorting and separating incoming waste is performed by excavators and manual labor. This process can be a time-consuming, laborious and sometimes injury-prone task. In addition, it can be very difficult for recyclers to find the staff to fill these positions in challenging labor markets.
  • Poor Recovery Rates on Recyclable Commodities: Manually sorting and separating C&D waste may lead to valuable recyclable commodities being missed and sent to the landfill. Recyclables include metals, aggregates, concrete, wood, textiles and paper. There is an opportunity for C&D roll-off dumpster companies and recycling facilities to recover materials from the waste stream and replace them with alternative revenue streams.
  • Low Profit Margins From Unclean Waste Streams: With incoming C&D debris, recyclers commonly spend a lot of time battling plastic film that is tangled with ferrous metal objects or materials. The metals are valuable materials that can be recycled but they must be cleaned of the unwanted plastics to retrieve a higher market price. Sometimes, even magnets are unable to successfully separate and remove lightweight film plastics from C&D.

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How Are These Challenges Solved?

Komptech Ballistor 10300 ballistic separator

Go Ballistic.

The Komptech Ballistor efficiently separates waste and potential recyclables in a single operation, enabling C&D recyclers to improve downstream sorting efficiency, gain cleaner waste streams and increase recyclable commodity recovery rates.

How the Komptech Ballistor works


  • 2D FRACTION: The 2-dimensional fraction is shaken clean of impurities as it passes across the screen paddles and transported upwards.
  • 3D FRACTION: The 3-dimensional fraction is moved downwards by the ballistic movement and removed.
  • FINES FRACTION: Variable hole sizes of the screen paddles further sort rising material to separate the fines fraction.

“The Ballistor made a bigger impact than what I had anticipated….productivity is higher, with less and less labor.”

— Scott Ledford, Owner, Metro Site, Inc.


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