Cribus 5000

Trommel Screen

Komptech Cribus 5000 trommel screen

When You Need to Go Big

The Komptech Cribus 5000 is one of the largest mobile trommel screens on the market. With a drum length of 25'3" and drum diameter of 7'2", the Cribus 5000 has a screening surface of 538 ft2 for high-performance throughput of up to 353 yd3/hr (depending on material), even with small screen holes of < 3/4". With fully electronic control, automatic start-up and a large, 7.8 yd3, load-dependent hopper, operation is easy and safe. Maintenance is made easy with simple drum and conveyor belt replacement and large flaps and doors for optimal service access.

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Core features of the Cribus 5000 trommel screen

Komptech Cribus 5000 Core Features

1 Easy Operation

The machine's fully electronic control, configurable operating panel with graphic control, automated starting and electric brush adjustment, plus options like hopper sensor control, remote control and hopper pre-screen and make this machine exceptionally operator-friendly.

2 Built For Production

Steep hopper sides prevent bridging and a wide conveyor with T-cleats enables reliable drum feeding. The large feed cross section prevents material compression between hopper and screen drum so the entire drum length is used. Wide, extended discharge belts produce high piles and with a width of up to 39.3" there are no blockages on the conveyor belt.

3 Efficient Feeding

With its 7.8 yd3 hopper volume and 5.1 yd loading length, feeding the Cribus 5000 is easy, even with large front loaders. The controllable hopper and drum rotation speeds allow precise material alignment. Screen drum overloading is prevented by load-dependent hopper control.

4 Small Holes, Big Performance

With small drum screen hole sizes (< 3/4 in) in particular, the overall length of the drum and its effective screening area become crucial factors in production. On the way through the 25'3" drum, all materials are thoroughly screened, with performance that is unique on the market.

The Komptech Cribus 5000 is Built to Efficiently Screen

C&D Fines
Contaminated Soils
Food Waste
Wood Waste

The Right Komptech Trommel Screen For The Job

Five trommel screen models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

Model Diesel Engine / Horsepower Hopper Volume / Drum Diameter / Effective Screening Area Max Throughput
Perkins Tier 4F / 70 HP >4.0 yd3 / 4'9" / 175 ft2 up to 90 yd3/hr
Nemus 2700
Perkins Tier 4F / 99 HP >6.5 yd3 / 6'7" / 323 ft2 up to 230 yd3/hr
Cribus 2800
JCB / 74 HP >6.5 yd3 / 7'2" / 301 ft2 up to 222 yd3/hr
Cribus 3800
JCB / 74 HP >6.5 yd3 / 7'2" / 409 ft2 up to 287 yd3/hr
Cribus 5000
JCB / 74 HP >7.8 yd3 / 7'2" / 538 ft2 up to 353 yd3/hr

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