Hurrikan S

Windsifter Separator

Overview of Komptech Hurrikan S mobile light material windsifter separator

Komptech Windsifter Separation

The Komptech Hurrikan S is a mobile, high-throughput windsifter that efficiently removes light plastics, film and foils from screened overflow particles using a patented “pressure-suction“ process that enables an effective separation and removal of light fractions from screened compost in two steps. First, material is separated by a targeted air knife. Then, lightweight material is drawn out by a powerful suction blower, adjustable to separate material by variation of blower speed, blower distance and vent flaps. Improve the quality of your finished products even further by using magnet separation and a stone trap.

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Core Features of the Hurrikan S mobile light material windsifter separator

Komptech Hurrikan S Core Features

1 Suction Blowers

Ensure effective separation of lightweight fractions from the screen overflow with a powerful pressure-suction system with two suction blowers.

2 Vibrating Infeed

A vibrating material feeder with enclosure shakes material to keep it moving while preventing backups and increasing your throughput.

3 Efficiency Options

The Hurrikan S features an optional magnetic drum and stone separator - round, heavy objects (mostly rocks) roll down an adjustable, slope conveyor to a chute and away.

4 Simple Mobility

Gain maximum mobility thanks to four rugged wheels, simple hitch hook up, and independent operation with on-board diesel power unit.

The Komptech Hurrikan is Built to Efficiently Separate

Food Waste
Land Clearing
Green Waste
Wood Waste

The Right Komptech Separator For The Job

Three separator models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

Model Material Type Drive / Horsepower Max Throughput
Hurrikan S
Light Plastics JCB Gen Set Tier 4F / 80 HP up to 100 yd3/hr
2D, 3D, and Fines Electric / from 7.3 HP to 14.7 HP from 80 yd3/hr to 210 yd3/hr
Stones JCB Gen Set Tier 4F / 55 HP up to 130 yd3/hr

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