Multistar L3

Star Screen

Komptech Multistar L3 Star Screen

Multi-talented Midsize

The Komptech Multistar L3 is one of the most successful and widely used star screen machines on the market. Whether you're processing mulch, soil or compost, in one pass the L3 efficiently produces either 3- or 2-fraction separation, even with wet material. Additional separation options include wind sifting (mids and overs) and ferrous metals separation. An electric drive with intelligent control unit and easy touch panel operation keeps your screening operation running smoothly with low noise. An extended coarse screen is available to boost throughput for applications where coarse screening can cause bottlenecks.

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Core Features of the Multistar L3 star screen

Komptech Multistar L3 Core Features

1 Star Wear Protection

Komptech's patented CLEANSTAR cleaning system consists of highly elastic screening stars with cleaning elements that provide constant cleaning of all star shafts during operation with each rotation. Wear costs are reduced through individually replaceable stars and cleaning elements.

2 No Blockage Hopper

The large 9.2 yd3 hopper design with rounded corners combined with an active metering drum, inclined floor and scraper conveyor, ensures constant, even material feeding onto the screen deck through to the extra wide discharge belt for reliable throughput production.

3 Economical Hybrid Drive

All components are electrically driven, with power able to come from the grid for the lowest cost, or from the on-board diesel generator when grid power isn’t available. The use of grid power reduces energy consumption by up to 75% compared with diesel-hydraulic power.

4 Easy and Intuitive Operation

With the touch of a button, change the particle size of your output using the high-resolution touchscreen graphic control panel, easily readable even in bright sunlight. The intuitive menu enables easy operation and on-board diagnostics allow for fast troubleshooting.

The Komptech Multistar L3 is Built to Efficiently Screen

Bio-Solid Compost
Forestry Residue
Green Waste
Land Clearing
Wood Chips/Bark
Wood Waste

The Right Komptech Star Screen For The Job

Four Multistar star screen models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

Model Drive Hopper Volume Performance/Throughput
Multistar S3
Diesel generator 51 HP/38 kVA
(optional 67 HP/50 kVA)
3.3 yd3 (2.5 m3) up to 130 yd3/hr (up to 100 m3/hr)
Multistar L3
Diesel generator 80 HP (60 kVA)
(optional 107 HP/80 kVA)
9.2 yd3 (7 m3) up to 330 yd3/hr (up to 252 m3/hr)
Multistar XL3
Diesel generator 80 HP (60 kVA)
(optional 107 HP/80 kVA)
9.2 yd3 (7 m3) up to 450 yd3/hr (up to 344 m3/hr)
Multistar XXL-2
Diesel generator 80 HP (60 kVA)
(optional 107 HP/80 kVA)
13 yd3 (10 m3) up to 600 yd3/hr (up to 458 m3/hr)

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