Multistar S3

Star Screen

Komptech Multistar S3 Star Screen

Entry-Level Mulch and Compost Screening

The Komptech Multistar S3 is the entry-level member of Komptech’s professional star screen line. Designed specifically to meet the needs of lower to moderate-volume mulch and compost producers, the S3 combines low cost with performance previously only available in the high-capacity L and XL classes. The Multistar S3 features a 3.2 yd3 hopper with low loading height for easy material feed while delivering up to 130 yd3/hr of throughput. Options available on the larger star screens are also available on the S3, including wind sifters, screen deck variations, hopper extensions, and more.

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Core Features of the Multistar S3 star screen

Komptech Multistar S3 Core Features

1 Option-Ready

Options that are available on the larger Komptech star screen machines are also available on the Multistar S3, including wind sifters, screen deck variations, hopper extensions and more.

2 Feed Without Blockage

The S3's large 3.2 yd³ hopper, or optional 4.6 yd³ volume hopper, and low loading height enables continuous loading. The scraper conveyor and active metering drum ensure material constantly feeds onto the screen deck.

3 Easy Access

Sheet metal panels with large access doors protect the drive components. The tough, truck-grade tarp panel cover protects components from dirt while saving weight. Rolling up the tarp sidewalls provides quick access to all other components.

4 Compact Design

The Multistar S3's smaller dimensions make mobility and transport easy, allowing processors and service providers to maximize the machine through multi-site use.

The Komptech Multistar S3 is Built to Efficiently Screen

Bio-Solid Compost
Forestry Residue
Green Waste
Land Clearing
Wood Chips/Bark
Wood Waste

The Right Komptech Star Screen For The Job

Four Multistar star screen models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

Model Power Source / Horsepower Transport Dimensions / Weight Max Throughput
Multistar One
Hybrid Drive / 25 kW Electric Input 26'6" x 8'1" x 8'5" / ~18,400 lbs ~ 262 yd3/hr
Multistar S3
Perkins Gen Set Tier 4F / 64 HP 26'11" x 8'1" x 8'5" / ~20,000 lbs ~ 130 yd3/hr
Multistar XL3
Perkins Gen Set Tier 4F / 85 HP 39'1" x 8'2" x 13'1" / ~44,000 lbs ~ 400 yd3/hr
Multistar XXL-2
Perkins Gen Set Tier 4F / 85 HP 44'11" x 8'5" x 12'10" / ~44,000 lbs ~ 650 yd3/hr

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