Multistar XXL-2

Star Screen

Komptech Multistar XXL-2 Star Screen

Maximum Mulch Screening Production

The Komptech Multistar XXL-2 is a pure 2-fraction star screen built for high-volume mulch, soil and compost producers. The XXL-2 delivers maximum performance with its large hopper and active metering drum producing up to 650 yd³/hr of throughput. The XXL-2 enables mulch producers to skip double grinding their materials in high speed grinders by efficiently screening up to 80% of finished mulch product in a single pass. By eliminating double grinding, mulch producers enjoy added savings in fuel costs, excessive grinder wear costs, colorant costs and trucking expenses.

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Core Features of the Multistar XXL-2 star screen

Komptech Multistar XXL-2 Core Features

1 Ready For Feeding

Extra large 13 yd3 hopper with active metering drum provides up to 650 yd³/hr of throughput that keeps up with any grinder or front end loader.

2 Swappable Screen Sizes

Gain flexibility and efficiency with the quick-change screen deck that allows you to swap to different sized decks in under and hour.

3 Simple Stacker Solution

Reduce handling costs by running stacking conveyors and powering them directly from the Multistar XXL-2.

4 Choose Your Output

Quickly and easily change the output product size in seconds from 1/2” to 3” minus depending on your needs.

The Komptech Multistar XXL-2 is Built to Efficiently Screen

Bio-Solid Compost
Forestry Residue
Green Waste
Land Clearing
Wood Chips/Bark
Wood Waste

The Right Komptech Star Screen For The Job

Four Multistar star screen models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of application types and performance needs.

Model Diesel Generator / Horsepower Transport Dimensions / Weight Max Throughput
Multistar One
Hybrid Drive / 25 kW Electric Input 26'6" x 8'1" x 8'5" / ~18,400 lbs ~ 262 yd3/hr
Multistar S3
Perkins Gen Set Tier 4F / 64 HP 26'11" x 8'1" x 8'5" / ~20,000 lbs ~130 yd3/hr
Multistar XL3
Perkins Gen Set Tier 4F / 85 HP 39'1" x 8'2" x 13'1" / ~44,000 lbs ~400 yd3/hr
Multistar XXL-2
Perkins Gen Set Tier 4F / 64 HP 44'11" x 8'5" x 12'10" / ~44,000 lbs ~650 yd3/hr

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