Single-Shaft Shredder

Komptech Terminator Single-Shaft Shredder

The Shredder That's Ready For Anything

The Terminator is a low-speed, high-torque single-shaft industrial shredder designed to process nearly all types of difficult waste, including heavy C&D debris, bulky waste, white goods, mattresses, tires and municipal solid waste (MSW). This heavy duty shredding machine is powered by a modern Tier 4 Caterpillar® engine delivering up to 600 HP to the drum. The hydraulic drum drive with load dependent speed control, creates maximum shredding force, and can reverse at any time to prevent blockages, redistribute material or clean the drum. The continuous cutting gap adjustment allows for the precise setting of desired particle size.

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Komptech Terminator Single-Shaft Shredder

Terminator Single-Shaft Shredder Core Features

1 Production-Ready

The Terminator features a remote controlled hopper with an 11-foot feed opening into one of the largest shredding units in the industry to shred waste materials faster.

2 Intelligent Drum Design

Heavy duty rotating drum with overload protection and reversing function features robust teeth in spiral arrangement for maximum cutting and tearing while keeping shredding even.

3 Powerful Drive System

The Terminator line of shredders come equipped with a powerful, modern CAT® engine with up to 600 HP and Tier 4 Final emission standard

4 Configurable and Variable

Achieve a variety of particle sizes with the adjustable cutting gap and counter comb, and swap shredding units to configure from coarse pre-shredding to defined shredding.

The Terminator is Built to Efficiently Shred

Bulky Waste
Commercial Waste
Heavy C&D
Municipal Solid Waste
White Goods
Wood Waste

The Right Komptech Shredder For The Job

Three Terminator models are available to choose from and are built for a variety of load sizes and waste types.

Model Engine Type Drum RPM Performance
Diesel Engine CAT® C9 Max 29 up to 50 tons/hr
Diesel Engine CAT® C13 Max 32 up to 80 tons/hr
Diesel Engine CAT® C18 Max 38 up to 100 tons/hr

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